Standard 2

                                                 Standard 2
                             Skill and fitness based competence

Element 2.2: Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing
level of fitness throughout the program.

  Artifact 1: My Personal Best
Artifact 2: Sample Track Workout

Head shot of Steve Damiani
Reflection: I’ve been a member of the
SUNY Cortland Men’s Track and Field
Team since 2010. I participate in both the
indoor and outdoor track and field seasons.

Being on the track and field team at SUNY
Cortland plays a huge roll of me being active.
Most of my physical activity comes from being
on the track and field team. I practice six days a
week during the school year.

During the summer I am also fully committed
to the team and my physical health. I continue
working out from where I left off at the end of
the season with the track workout my coach
sends me to do over the summer. This also
applies for my winter break as well. This
 inspires me to run 5k’s over the summer and to
continue running even when I’ve graduated from college.

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