Standard 1

                        Scientific and Theoretical  

Physical education teacher candidates know
and apply discipline-specific scientific and
theoretical concepts critical to the development
       of physically educated individuals.

Element 1.3: Describe and apply motor
development theory and principles related
to skillful movement, physical activity, and

Reflection: I had a great time mentoring at
St. Mary’s Elementary School. This opportunity
was offered through PED 201 Motor Development
class at SUNY Cortland and was held at
St. Mary’s Elementary School. This school was an after
school program for kids to go after they were done with

As a mentor I was assigned to a different group
each week. I had to be prepared and come up with a game
 for each group that I was assigned each week. This gave
me a great opportunity to evaluate and assess the different
abilities and motor skills of these of each group that I was

There were three different lab assessment papers
 that we got and had to fill out, that assessed different motor
skills. After filling out these lab assessments I got a better

understanding of motor development and the 

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